Windows 8 Formatted Drive Recovery

Formatting is a concept that many computer users are aware with and frequently that is done regularly either intentionally or unintentionally by the user. Suppose, a user had formatted his/her hard drive which has lost all the important data contained . Hence data has been lost and could not be recovered at such instance a powerful recovery tool will be helpful in recovering the lost data from hard drive.This software can be used to recover those data in cases such as Formatting/Re-Formatting hard drives. Also recovers data from hard drive which got crashed and incapable to boot. Formatting your hard drive build up file system and vanishes all data from drive. The data could be recovered from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFSX, etc. partitions /drives using Windows 8 drive Recovery tool. Data could be recovered from devices like hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE),flash memory cards (XD / MMC / SD), IPods, USB drives and many more.Recoverd files can be sorted on the basis of date,name,size,etc.Based on this unique file signature could sort up to 300 file types.

Why Windows 8 Formatted Drive Recovery ?

Windows 8 Formatted Drive Recovery is the emerging tool, which is loaded with numerous features to restore Windows 8 files and folders from formatted drive. Some of the latest features are listed below:

  • "Save Recovery Session" helps in saving scanned result for future use and ignores rescan.
  • "Find Tool" option which will search particular recovery file on basis of its file extension.
  • "Preview" option helps to perceive the content of file getting restored.
  • Performs Windows 8 recycle bin Recovery with ease.
  • Based on the hierarchical structure and file type "Disk View" and "File Type View" shows recovered files from formatted hard disk.
  • The software is quite compatible with Windows and Mac Operating system. It can quickly restore Windows 8 partitions that are deleted or lost.

Steps to recover data from Windows 8 Formatted Drive

Step1: Implement the application and select "Recover Partitions / Drives". On another window select "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option.

Recover Formatted Drive on Windows 8 - Select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Fig 1: Select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Step2: Next, select the respective drive. Select the file type and the software returns a list of found files from your hard drive after the scan completes as shown in Fig2 as follows:

Recover Formatted Drive on Windows 8 - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step3: Preview the recovered files once the scanning is complete using "Preview" option

Recover Formatted Drive on Windows 8 - Preview Recovered Files

Fig 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: Purchase the software if you are satisfied with it's performance and then activate it to save the scanned results using "Save Recovery Session" option.