Windows 8 Recovery

  • Best Windows 8 file recovery tool to restore deleted or lost files
  • Designed with easily understandable interface and powerful recovery algorithms
  • Recover files deleted even from Windows 8 recycle bin with ease
  • Able to recover formatted drive on Windows 8, Win7, Vista and Windows XP
  • Finest tool to recover lost data after installing Windows 8 operating system

Suppose, your operating system becomes corrupt and you lose all the data which consisting of certain important information. Then lost data could only be recovered only if you might have taken backup of all the files contained earlier else would lose data permanently. To recover certain data one need to use Windows 8 Recovery which provides hassle free approach to recover files deleted from Recycle bin, partitions reformatted or after re-installing Windows. This powerful built-in scan engine locates and recovers s deleted files quickly. It also recovers files deleted Windows Command Prompt and deleted using Shift+Delete Keywords.

Have you lost important files on your Windows 8 Operating system?

Here is the remedy!!!Deletion of redundant files from Windows 8 operating system is more common these days. Most of the users delete unwanted files in order to free up memory space. Meanwhile, while deleting unwanted files, most of the users accidently commit a mistake by deleting his/her important confidential files which leads to critical data loss. Moreover, it creates more trouble on unavailability of the data backup. If you have lost or accidentally deleted your important files and wants to restore them back, here is the best possible way. Windows 8 Recovery is a safe, secure and user-friendly tool when it comes to recover lost or deleted files from Windows 8 Operating system. It also helps you to perform Windows 8 recycle bin recovery to undelete files deleted from recycle bin.

Some of the Common Data loss instances are given below

  • While installing Windows 8 operating system, occasionally due to unexpected technical conflicts the entire drive becomes unresponsive. If that drive contains any of your important information then it leads to severe data loss
  • During sometimes partitioning the hard drive of your computer to create separate dynamic partitions, if accidentally or by mistake on clicking format drive option from popup window, leading to loss of entire data from that drive resulting in critical data loss
  • During transferring files from computer to any other removable storage device, if computer shuts down abruptly or power failures, then severe data loss will be occurred
  • There are some other instances like file system corruption, software conflicts, virus attacks, human mistakes, deleted using Shift+Delete, hardware failure etc. could also lead to loss of files from Windows 8 operating system

To overcome any of the above mentioned data loss situations, it’s always suggested to maintain a legitimate backup of all your important files. Further, you can also use external storage drives like CD, DVD and USB drives to save your required backup. Usage of latest updated antivirus application to protect your computer from virus infection and other malicious programs. Once you come to know that your important files are deleted, avoid using the storage drive and should not perform any read or write operation on that drive till you recover data because it might overwrite the previously deleted files resulting into permanent loss of data

Unique Features of Windows 8 file Recovery Software

  • Need to add/edit file signatures which are not declared during the file recovery phenomenon
  • This software supports numerous types of storage devices like hard drives, external hard drives, iPods, memory sticks, flash drives, FireWire drives which could be accessed through computer
  • To evade rescanning of storage device an option is provided as Save Recovery session
  • Instantly Recover Windows 8 recycle bin also supports data recovery from Recycle bin
  • Relates Windows 8 Formatted drive recovery from various types of storage devices like hard drives, external hard drives,iPods,memeory sticks, flash drives,FireWire drives which can be accessed through Windows computer

Recent Updates:

How to Get Back Shift Deleted Files on Windows 8: If you have deleted files using "shift+delete" option on Windows 8 and wondering on how to recover those files as deleted files bypasses the Recycle Bin. However, you can completely rely on Windows 8 recovery app in order to recover shift deleted files on Windows 8. For more details, go through the link:

Flash Drive Recovery on Windows 8: Now, with the aid of this powerful recovery toolkit, it is very easy to restore data from flash drive, pen drive and many more external storage drives. Sneak a peek at this page link to gain complete knowledge on how to get bcak lost, deleted or formatted data from flash drive.

Windows 8 Hard Drive Recovery: If you are one of those who have lost their data from Windows8 hard disk drive and looking for a tool to recover Windows 8 hard drive then utilize Windows 8 Recovery tool it will help you to recover hard drive very easily. To know how, visit here:

Memory Card Recovery Software for Windows 8: There might be certain instances while transferring precious data such as photo, audio, video, etc from memory card connected to Windows 8 machine. Meanwhile, during the process any interruption occurs such as abrupt power failure can make the memory card severely corrupted due to virus attacks. To overcome these situations employ this user friendly software with utmost ease.

Recover Deleted Photos Windows 8: Now this tool is updated with recent features to execute recovery of all deleted photos in a single scan. You can use this software to retrieve photos on Windows 8 & all other Windows OS versions. You can also visit the page added on the site, which provide more information on Windows 8 photos recovery.

Steps to recover files from Windows 8 Operating System:

Step1: Install Windows 8 Recovery software on your desktop or laptop and open its main screen as shown in Fig1:

Windows 8 Recovery - Main Screen

Fig1: Main Screen

Step2: Select the logical drive from list of drives as shown below in Fig2:

Windows 8 Recovery - Select Drive

Fig2: Select Drive

Step3: List of recovered files are shwon below in Fig3:

Windows 8 Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Fig3: Preview Recovered Files


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